EAS Students Delivering Presentations in the 5th International Conference for Mathematics & Its Applications (ICMA23)

Nile University undergraduate students delivered two oral presentations under the supervision of Dr. Ethar Ahmed in "The 5th International Conference for Mathematics and Its Applications (ICMA23)".

The two papers focused on the applications of differential equations in real life.

In one paper, the group showed how human body temperature can be modeled using Newton’s cooling law and how this model can be utilized in Forensic science. This is very crucial in estimating the victim’s time of death.

The second paper investigated a new perspective for understanding earthquakes. Through the use of differential equations, it becomes possible to establish a connection between various earthquake parameters leading to advancements in how to measure earthquake damage.

Paper 1

Title: "Applications of Newton’s Cooling Law in Forensic Science: Modeling of Victims’ Body Temperature to Estimate The Time of Death".


Hana H. Mohamed, Mariam A. Elsaadany, Nermean Ashraf H. Abu El-Nasr, Ethar A. A. Ahmed


Paper 2

Title: "Earthquakes: A Numerical Approach to Link Earth Quack Jerks and Mercalli Scale Using Differential Equations."


Sadeen Alaa M., Alyaa Abdelbar, Hana.H. Ali, Omar.M.M. Zalhaf, Ahmed E. Gomaa and Ethar A.A. Ahmed

EAS and NU community are thrilled to congratulate them for their efforts and for representing their university in the best way possible.