Why Engineering and Applied Sciences? 

The school provides students with enormous knowledge that builds their ability to apply theories, abstraction, design, and implementation to solve real-life problems. The program has a strong lab-based learning emphasis and culminates in capstone projects, to design and implement practical computing systems that meet the scientific, technological, and administrative needs of business and industry in the global economy.

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School Programs



"I believe university is not just about getting a degree, but a community and friends who can reshape your life and future like it did to me." 


Ahmed Abuelfotoh

Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


"I am expressing my deep gratitude for the professors and the motivating environment at Nile University that gifted me with numerous opportunities during my undergraduate studies. My five-year journey at Nile University was a life-changing experience that enabled me to advance academically and personally. As a mechanical engineering graduate, I had the opportunity to publish eight research papers, complete the FESTO-certified professional Diploma, participate in the Erasmus+ exchange program in Riga, volunteer with different student activities, and work on a diverse set of practical experiments and projects in my field.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the full support from my professors who were capable of observing the potential in students and guiding them to achieve their goals. Personally, I have learned much by participating in my projects in five Research Forum Events, and I believe that this event is one of the unique experiences that Nile University students have. In an encouraging atmosphere like the one at Nile University, the keys to success are to be open-minded to new learning experiences, to grab the opportunity, and to work smartly."

Nada Ali



"Let’s say it was the days I lived my glorious time and shaped my mindset"

Muhammed Rafaat



"Nile University is a prestigious institution where I learned how to think like an engineer. Through 5 years, I became more objective and less emotional when it comes to working."

Ahmed Sobhy Abdel Hady



"Consistency puts you where good luck can find you."

Yomna Ali Said

Research Assistant in Fraunhofer-Institut in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany