• Lesser Years for Graduation:
Students can finish their bachelor’s degree in only 4 years.
• Exchange Programs & International Exposure with
European Universities:
EAS gives the opportunity to its students for a semester
abroad at reputable international universities, it also supports
them to secure educational scholarships and mobility funds.
• Scholarships:
Many scholarships are offered (whether full, partial, or merit
and financial aids).
• Research Centers:
EAS facilitates and supports its students to be part of the
research centers and participate in research projects through
the Junior RA program.
• Unique Academic Staff:
EAS professors got their PhDs from International universities
and have strong research profiles.
• Internships & Practical Training:
EAS considers industrial internship as part of the academic
program and offers as a mandatory course for students.


Our Vision

A pioneer school of engineering that has a regional and international impact in education, scientific research and entrepreneurship and contributes to the national sustainable development.



Providing a distinguished education that prepares a graduate with professional and research competencies that qualify him/her for continuous self-learning, leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship locally and internationally with a commitment to professional ethics, societal values and preserving the environment, conducting distinguished scientific research globally with a societal impact, and contributing effectively to the
dissemination of knowledge within the framework of the technology-based economy and sustainable development.