Prof. Yasser M. El Battawy

Program Director of Engineering Core

Prof. Yasser El-Batawy received his B.Sc. in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering, from Cairo University, in 1996, and his M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, from Cairo University, in 2000.  He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from McMaster University, ON, Canada, 2005. His Ph.D. dissertation was on the Modeling of High-Speed Photodetectors. He received NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) Scholarship as a Postdoctoral fellow in McGill University, QC, Canada, 2005-2006. Since 2006, he was an assistant professor and then an associate professor in Engineering Physics Dept., Cairo University. He got the promotion to Full Professor in Engineering Physics in May 2022.
In 2013, he was a senior member in the technical office of the Egyptian Educational Development Fund (EDF). Since February 2018, he has been an associate professor in Engineering Physics at Nile University. He is the Director of the Engineering Core Program at Nile University.
He has great experience in teaching many undergraduate and graduate courses on different platforms. He has designed, taught and supervised many courses including (Engineering Physics courses, Electric Circuits, Electromagnetic Fields, Solid States Electronics, Optoelectronics and Photovoltaics) in many universities like Cairo University, Nile University, Egyptian E-Learning University (EELU), Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport and others. In addition, in Nile University, he has built totally online platform beside the conventional platform for the Engineering Physics courses and he is supervising all the labs associated with these courses. 
Dr. Yasser has received Ontario Graduate Students Scholarship (OGS) three times through his Ph.D. study in McMaster University, Canada. Also, he got the Award of Supervision of Best M.Sc. thesis in Engineering in Cairo University in 2014. In 2020, Dr. Yasser has received the Outstanding Teaching Award, from Nile University. 

His research interests are in Optoelectronics, High-Speed Photodetectors, Quantum Dot InfraRed Photodetectors, Plasmonic Photovoltaics and Stochastic Modeling of Photonic Devices.