Building Physics I

This course introduces the fundamentals of thermal aspects of building performance.
Topics include: Introduction to the fundamental of building physics, heat and mass transfer in buildings, thermal comfort, energy performance of buildings, determination of heating and cooling loads of buildings, solar controls and shadings, thermal optimization of buildings, energy-efficient and sustainable building design, human ecology, climate, moisture control in buildings, thermal properties of building materials and components.

Course ID
ARUD 141
Credit Hours

1. Understanding the scientific fundamentals and engineering methods in the course subject. 2. Ability to construct models of the relevant phenomena and processes (in the thermal environment) and map those models to specific tasks.
3. Identification and evaluation of the technical quality and thermal performance characteristics of building designs.
4. Demonstrate effective information acquisition.
5. Awareness of the appropriate technical issues and solutions.
6. Demonstrate effective verbal, visual and written communication in the engineering/technology area.