Building Systems Integration

This course introduces the fundamentals of buildings´ technical systems including HVAC systems, electrical systems, water and sewage systems, as well as fire safety.
Topics include: Fundamental overview on HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning),
water and wastewater infrastructure, electric installations, basics of fire safety (fire alarm systems,
sprinkler systems, fire smoke exhaust), introduction to building controls and automation.

Course ID
ARUD 243
Credit Hours

1. Understanding the scientific fundamentals and engineering methods in the course subject. 2. Ability to construct models of the relevant phenomena and processes (in building systems integration) and map those models to specific tasks.
3. Identification and evaluation of the technical quality and thermal performance characteristics of building designs.
4. Demonstrate effective information acquisition
5. Awareness of the appropriate technical issues and solutions
6. Demonstrate effective verbal, visual and written communication in the engineering/technology area.