Construction I

The aim of this course is to explore the basic requirements that arise from the function of providing shelter (comfort); and those that arise from combining diverse elements and/or materials in a single system. The student will get to know the different strategies to satisfy those requirements: from the conceptual principle to the constructive solution.
Course content covers: vocabulary; building elements; comfort requirements; constructive requirements; construction techniques and materials. The student makes a first approach to the importance of construction in formalizing architecture studying wall-bearing heritage construction methods along local history.

Course ID
ARUD 151
Credit Hours

1. Name, recognize and understand the behavior of all architectural constructive elements
2. Understand the relation between architecture and building construction
3. Understand the basic requirements of constructing: joining, relating, permitting
4.Get to know the building construction techniques and their relation with the material form when arriving to the building site
5. Get to know some basic construction materials in the context of the material origin and conformation, the architectonic possibilities
6. Understand and evaluate the movements in building constructions an their consequences
7.Distinguish between the basic enclosures: mechanical, thermal and thigh
8. Get to know the behavior of the thigh (water, air, moisture) enclosure along history and nowadays