Construction III

The aim of this course is addressing the constructions systems for closing the building: non-load bearing facades and roofs. Contemporary techniques and related materials. Facades; conventional, ETICS, claddings, rain screen, panel, curtain wall, openings and their filters. Roofs; flat roofs- watertight membranes, pitched roofs-tiles, low slope roofs- metal sheets. For all of them (facades and roofs) it will be done a system description, and deeply studied its behavior according to the climate conditions, architectonic possibilities and constructive requirements.
This course also covers construction systems for arranging the public space.
The course analyses the following materials: watertight membranes, thermal insulation materials, non-ferrous metals, glass, stones, cladding boards (including their life-cycle assessment).

Course ID
ARUD 355
Credit Hours

1. Think in an ordered way
2. Develop a critical spirit
3. Enhance self-demand and rigor
4. Know the content explained through the course
5. Elaborate new proposals from the explained content
6. About the specific content:
7. Know the façade building construction systems, up to date, so as to be able to develop new façade proposals
8. Know the roof building construction systems, up to date, so as to be able to develop new roof proposals
9. Know all the parameters that influence the design of an opening in a façade or roof
10. Know characteristics and behavior of glass, metal sheets, technical membranes, insulations, and the most up to date cladding materials (for all of them LCA)
11. Know the construction systems, up to date, for arranging the public space so as to be able to develop new urban proposals