Design Studio I

Main topic: Site and Basic Program
Arch - Following the design thinking process from inquiry to formulating a basic architecture program for a building or structure design, this studio aims at exploring the synergy of form and function, the integration of diverse structural and construction systems to be implemented in specific sites, the understanding of the logic of topography, geometry, and enclosure, and the consideration of the surrounding context including the ambient, natural, built and social environment.
UD – Complementary fitting of the architectural discourse in the framework of urban patterns and tissues as a combination of the processes of urbanization, raising student awareness of different plot subdivisions, densities and building typologies (for example in downtown areas, gated communities, informal settlements, etc.) to build an urban vocabulary and enable them to distinguish and understand the differences in the experiential qualities of urban space. Urban analysis that takes advantage of Cairo as the main focus of exploration.

Course ID
ARUD 101
Credit Hours

1. Design basic building through the coherent use of basic architectonic elements.
2. Deal with an appropriate balance between abstraction and materiality as complementary approaches to the design project.
3. Introduce students to the geographic complexity of the terrain and its implications for the site layout
4. Comprehend different structure elements, and modular understanding of the architectural projects
5.Combine simultaneously the human dimensions related to human life, user profile, social group needs as basis for architectural design.
6.Introduce students to different architectural types, and their morphological needs, and to be aware of the social role of architecture.
7. Generate architectural program, and the reflection on the conceptual ideas and schematic design.
8.achieve advanced graphical drawing representation, accuracy and precision in 2D and 3D
representation of different project proposals
9.enhance the spatial attributes of the architectural design projects; form articulation, accessibility
10.formulate a critical reflection on others work.
11.Comprehend site analysis and present design ideas through graphical representation.