Design Studio III

Main topic: Home and Neighbourhood Design
Arch - Drawing upon people-centred courses on dwelling and the meaning of home - considering social, psychological and cultural aspects in design and variation in user needs by age, sex and ability. This studio focuses on housing typologies, aggregation mechanisms and models of clustering. It explores layout guidelines: combinations, measurements, depths, distances, etc. that affords the appropriate, adaptable, affordable home and residential environment for diverse household structure and lifestyles
UD - Residential project as a synthesis of inter-scale relationships between neighbourhood, block and dwelling. Street typology, open spaces and character in residential districts with integrated mixed-use services and leisure. It addresses designing in-between and near-home spaces, achieving different degrees of publicness (semi-private, collective, public) to satisfy community needs and territorial claims.

Course ID
ARUD 203
Credit Hours

1. To understand architecture through the analysis of residential master pieces.
2. To consider the social dimension of housing proposals
3. Understanding architecture as a sense of place, paying attention to the voids as well as built objects, stressing importance of ground floors.
4. Considering Design as a synthesis of disciplines, inputs and collective approaches.
5. To get skills for housing design: cells, typologies and urban morphologies.
6. To be able to self-assess the proposals and therefore to improve the critical spirit