Design Studio IV

Main topic: Medium Size Public Facilities and Collective Space
Arch - Drawing from people-centred courses on special building types and considering social, psychological and cultural user-need variables of different user groups to design medium sized facilities such as schools, health centres and libraries are designed enhancing relation between function in its broadened definition, gradients of privacy and transition spaces for the collective, material, technique, structural skeleton and skin as a regulator of indoor-outdoor continuity and transition.

UD - Fostering interaction between facilities and collective public spaces as a constitutive system of the public realm. The studio covers the scope of the collective space, its typologies, sizes and boundaries: from large urban parks or waterfronts to small plazas, midans and courtyards. Public space design of fixed and semi-fixed feature elements and their composition with an awareness of the experiential implications of the design (cognitive and behavioural) and change over time (adaptability and flexibility, management and upkeep).

Course ID
ARUD 204
Credit Hours

1. Understanding urban and architectonic project as only one process, looking for strong relations between buildings and contiguous public spaces
2. To understand the social dimension of a public program and its impact in the city. Consider program manipulation as a tool of design
3. Understanding multidisciplinary of architecture through the integration to concept idea of technical skills (structure, installations, construction)
4. Enhance sustainable criteria optimizing energy and water resources and consider CO2 emission in building process
5. To be able to communicate design values through graphic presentations and improving writing and oral communication