Design Studio V

Main topic: City Extension and Mix-use Programs
Arch - Design a multifunctional fragment that combines housing, hotels, tertiary, facilities, leisure and public space. Design new buildings that integrate complex structural and enclosure building solutions, considering materials, performance of the building, etc.. showing awareness of building systems and consideration to diverse user groups moving and using the spaces for different purposes.

UD - Designing new city extensions integrating environmental values (geography, relief, water, vegetation, etc.) with socio-economic values of mobility and accessibility in efficient ex-novo mixed-use layouts. New projects will consider connections to the existing urban fabric and the interdependence between land uses in both showing an awareness to the social and economic implications on land value, street occupancy, safety, variables of density and traffic intensity, ecological connectivity and energy efficiency.

Course ID
ARUD 305
Credit Hours

1. Give appropriate response to site conditions: topography, ecological components, water cycle limits and urban proximity, infrastructures, opportunities, etc.
2. Set criteria and urban guidelines for setting up of a new mixed-use district in a city border: hierarchy of structural and ecological elements, social and economical components, general layout, etc.
3. Definition of a synthetic urban design responding to an specific program that mixes residential, tertiary, facilities, etc., that will shape volumes and public spaces.
4. Get familiar with measuring urban parameters and make us of them as design tool (total area, occupation, floor area ratio, density….).
5. Provide criteria for selecting an interesting fragment to develop it in detail at the architecture scales, melting together buildings, public space and different programs.
6. Design a set of buildings in detail, integrating acquired technical knowledge (construction, structure, building physics) in building and public space design
7. Precision in the elaboration of documents.