Elective VIII: Urban Planning II

The course Urban Planning II is an extension of the mandatory course Urban Planning (ARUD 526). The aim of this elective course is to deepen selected aspects, such as legal, economic, spatial dimensions and practices and introduces the students to innovative practices in urban planning such as Transport Oriented Planning, Land Value Capture, Innovative practices of slum upgrading, New forms of management and operation, monitoring and evaluation practices etc.

Course ID
ARUD 478
Credit Hours

1. Knowledge
-Urban Planning standards and debates
-Housing policies -International standards of urban development in theory and implementation - Informal Settlements: global debates and upgrading strategies
2. Skills
-Case study analysis methods and approaches
-Basic skills: Group Discussion, Presentation skills
3. Competencies
- Enhanced understanding of social, economic and ecological transformation and their spatial dimensions Application of Critical Thinking methods
- Professional evaluation of the gap between theory and application
-Learning from case studies