Structure I

The aim of this course is to approach the basic structural types along history analyzing the relation between its mechanical behavior and the space generation.
The course also covers basic structural concepts as: resistance, deformation, stress-strain curve, stress types. The student will get to know which the forces acting over the building-loads and tributary areas- and how its transmission through the structure to the ground is produced. Structural types: isostatic and hyper static and its understanding using diagrams.

Course ID
ARUD 152
Credit Hours

1. To identify fundamental behaviors.
2. To develop a critical spirit
3. To enhance self-demand and rigor
4. To know the content explained through the course
5. To elaborate new reflections from the explained content
6. About the specific content:
7. To know and comprehend the link between materials and structural typologies.
8. To know about the evolution of structural typologies along history.
9. To be able of identifying different structural behaviors.
10. To be able of carrying a simple structural analysis of a beam or a frame.
11. To be capable of detecting cracking and continuity.
12. To be aware of the existence of slenderness and buckling.
13. To know about typical soils and most efficient foundations.