Structure II

The aim of this course is to explore the design, mechanical behavior and calculation (pre dimensioning) of the structural systems based on adding (masonry) or casting (reinforced concrete) mainly rigid knots.
The student will deal with: wall structures -brick and block-; frame structures -cast in place concrete-; confined masonry; different slab types; foundations and retaining walls. Introduction to soil mechanics.
The course includes: interventions over existing structural systems. Consolidation, refurbishment and retrofitting.

Course ID
ARUD 254
Credit Hours

1. To identify fundamental behaviors of reinforced concrete.
2. To develop a critical spirit.
3. To enhance self-demand and rigor
4. To know the content explained through the course.
5. To elaborate new reflections from the explained content.
6. About the specific content:
7. To have a basic knowledge about reinforced concrete design.
8. To manage with one-way and two-way heavy slabs.
9. To be able of determining the reinforcements of a RC beam and column.
10. To have strong criteria about reinforcement detailing desing.
11. To know about serviceability states of RC structures.
12. To know about post-tensioning structures and their capabilities.
13. To be able to face an entire design of a heavy framed structure