Structure III

The aim of this course is to explore the design, mechanical behavior and calculation (pre dimensioning) of the structural systems based on assembling either steel or wood. Mainly articulated knots. The student will deal with: steel frame structures; steel decks and steel spatial structures. Students will get to know the different connection mechanisms: bolted and welded.
The course is focalized in steel and so this material will have a deep approach; nevertheless wood structures -platform frame and CLT- are also covered.
The course analyses the different ferrous alloys and their life-cycle assessment.
The student will deal with parametric design/pre-dimensioning using BIM.

Course ID
ARUD 356
Credit Hours

1. To identify fundamental behaviors.
2. To develop a critical spirit.
3. To enhance self-demand and rigor
4. To know the content explained through the course.
5. To elaborate new reflections from the explained content.
6. About the specific content:
7. To have abilities in the design of light structures and roofs.
8. To have a basic knowledge about structural steel behavior.
9. To be able of facing the design and optimization of a steel structure.
10. To have deep criteria about steel detailing design.
11. To know about serviceability states of steel structures: deflections and vibrations.
12. To know about the benefits of composite structures and slabs.
13. To be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of steel and the construction process.